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100 years to gender parity

500 million women still illiterate 

If we continue on the present track to close the gender gap, it will not happen till in one hundred years! The World Economic Forum has released the 2019 Global Gender Gap Index which serves as a compass to track progress on relative gaps between women and men on health, education, economy and politics. This year’s report highlights a growing urgency for action as without the equal inclusion of half of the world’s talent, we will not be able to deliver on the promise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution for all of society, grow our economies for greater shared prosperity or achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

At the present rate of change, it will take 250 years to close the gender wage gap. Too many women are occupied with unpaid jobs often at home and many received unequal pay. It will take 95 years to close the political gap allowing more women into governmental bodies which proves to be important to enact laws benefitting women in society. Last, but not least, it will take 12 years to close the educational gap allowing all girls to go to school.

Nearly two-thirds of the world’s illiterate adults are women, a proportion that has remained stubbornly unchanged for the past 20 years. Of the 781 million adults over the age of 15 estimated to be illiterate, 496 million were women according to UN Women. 262 million children and youth aged 6 to 17 were still out of school in 2017, and more than half of children and adolescents are not meeting minimum proficiency standards in reading and mathematics.

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